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Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero Company is headquartered in Tampa, FL. They are the manufacturers of  La Buena Vida (est. 2006) and many more. Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero Co. is not just another cigar manufacturer, but a company that strives on consistency and flavor. Be sure to visit a local B&M today and try your hands on a LTT brand cigar today.

Felix M. Lopez III - President

Felix is the President of Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero Company. He is the brains behind the brands. When an idea is presented to the company for a new brand or a new marketing idea Felix is the deciding vote. His grandmother was a cigar maker in Cuba which is a good reason for him to be in this industry. 

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​Stephen A. Tabak -  Vice President 
Stephen is the VP of Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero Company. He is the social bee that shakes hands with the customers and the mastermind behind some of the blends. His great grandfather owned and operated a cigar factory on E. Fortune St. in Downtown Tampa back in 1916, which is another great reason for him to be in this industry.

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  • HQ in Tampa, FL and the Home of Ybor City "The Cigar Capital of the World". 

  • 15,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse

  • Shipments mailed on a Daily Basis


Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero Co. strive for quality and consistency in their blends. Which is why they visit Esteli on a quarterly basis to inspect their entire cigar portfolio. One man's eye is good, but two is even better. Our motto is to make every Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero blend better than the first. 


Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero Co. is committed to being loyal to their customers. Each cigar you smoke from Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero Co. will meet or exceed all cigar customers expectations.

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